Norwich New Stars is running under Premier Insurance

Motor sport can be dangerous. Despite the organisers taking all reasonable precautions, unavoidable accidents may happen. In respect of this you are present at your own risk.

Signing on: Will be from 9.00 and bike technical from 9.30.

Practice: Will be at 12.00 and will be in racing order and groups (as per the ACU handbook for track racing.)                                                                                  

Trophies: Will be approximately 30 minutes after completion of racing. All youth riders get an award, please wear race kit for presentation. Please remember do not disturb the lap scorers. A full list of positions will be posted online on Monday 22nd 2016


Norwich New Stars has a separate pit area for bikes only: This area is restricted to riders and two mechanics, over the age of 14 years during racing. This is by the request of the land owner and must be adhered to at all times, warnings will apply. Also enclosed are your wrist bands, one for the rider and two for pit crew. Please wear on the day. No push cycles in straw pit area when training is in progress or on race meeting.                     

No motorcycles may be started unless authorized by the NNS officials. This includes training, racing and camping. Please keep within the club boundaries.



Starting Tapes: If a rider causes a false start he/she will be cautioned and can join the restart.

 If he/she then causes a false start a second time in the same heat he/she will be penalized for that heat.

Pegs and other racing incidents: At the discretion of the Clerk of the Course an offender’s number will be written on the board in the pit area as a warning. On a second offence the rider may be penalized. It is the rider’s responsibility to check the board and information given.

Appeals: Please refer to the ACU handbook on appeals including the timing and cost of appeals.                              

Page 499 10.04.1 under National Sporting Code 2015.

Camping: Is available for free, please contact for details. Water and toilets on site. Please keep within the club boundaries and respect other campers and residents.

 All dogs must be kept on leads.

Fathers Race: All riders must sign on and complete a regs form in the morning and have a full ACU license or complete a day license. Cost is £10.00 if you have a full ACU License, plus £15.00 if you need a day license. Please wear full safety kit. All fathers will complete two laps of practice and have two heats. There will be a 250cc Grasstrack class as per youth inters and upto a 200cc Grasstack class as per juniors.  Small awards will be given.    

This is the Derek Hewitt shield. Take home award will be given and shield presentation will be at presentation evening in the autumn. 


Ladies Charity Ride: All entrants need to have trained with Norwich New Stars or completed in a previous race. All ladies will need to complete a two lap practice before competing in a one heat demonstration, use their child’s motor cycle or borrow another’s rider motor cycle and ware full safety equipment. The clerk of the course decision is final.

We hope to run this under a demonstration basis and the cost will be confirmed, full paper work will need to be completed and signing in the morning. Profits from this race will go to the East Anglian air ambulance.


    link for regs





Venue: Speedhaven NR12 7NG.

10 Buxton Road Frettenham


Norwich New Stars Spring News Letter.



Welcome to a new season of grasstrack racing.

What a great year we had last year, three successful races, including a team challenge, Ride for life and several fathers races. Also 14 training days throughout the season. We would like to thank all the volunteers who gave their time and expertise through the year, parents for supporting the children and of course the riders whose enthusiasm and enjoyment is infectious.

AGM: 26th February, Spixworth social Club 7.30 for 8.00.

There will be a quick talk by our chairman and a time to socialise and catch up with old friends, the social club is child friendly and has a great playing field.

We are now on Twitter thanks to Heidi.


Training dates: We are planning to invite some experienced riders to share their knowledge with you this year. So watch this space.

We are pleased to announce that Club Membership for Training is again £10.00 for the year and is required for each child that trains with NNS. A supporter’s membership is available for a suggested donation of £5.00.

5th March                    19th March                  9th April

24th April Race            14th May                      4th June

18th June                      16th July                       6th August British Champs at LOGA

21st August Race         24th September           1st  October

15th October training/race

Check out Grasstrack GB for country wide 2016 race dates:



Training format: This year we will be introducing a new system on training days. It is important to understand that as a club the trainers try to adhere to the timings but delays can happen. Trainees will only attend one session per training day.

There will be 2 sessions each day.

1st session will be for experienced riders with own bikes. This will be a turn up and ride session. Booking in from 9.00 riding from 9.30 to 12.00pm. Once a rider is booked in and ready to ride they line up at the pit exit. The lead trainer then chooses the group to ride from the available riders, training will be given on a more informal basis. You may have as many rides as there is time for in the session. A record will be kept so ensure every rider has a fair share of track time.

Cost £15.00 per session.

2nd Session will be for new riders or children who need to use a club bike. Please book in from 12.00 and riding by 12.30. This will be for children who require one to one training and guidance by a trainer. This will be a book in advance session, please request a place by the Wednesday before. Consideration will be given to experience, bikes available and the number of times a child has ridden this season. Names will be posted on Wednesday and it will be announced if the session is full.

Cost £15.00 per session.

Bike hire is included for your first three sessions with the club, then an additional £15.00 will be charged for each session.

Race Dates:  24th April, Team Challenge and 21st August, Derek Hewitt Shield and Ladies Ride. The October race is a provisional date only.

After the success of last year, we hope to hold a Ladies ride on August 21st. Suggestions for the charity this year are welcome. We will post more information on how this will work later in the year.


Due to the increased cost of holding a race we are requesting that payment has to be made in advance of a race meeting. We can accept payments by cheque, cash and direct bank transfer. Racing regs will be available to download and emailed back. We need to know who is attending a race a week before as we need to order the trophies and pay for the first aid cover. Late entries or entries with no payment may not receive their trophy on race day. Race fees will stay the same at £30.00.


Looking forward to seeing you all in 2016.


Norwich New Stars Committee.

 Team Challenge Photo.


Thought I would explain a little about the club for those that have not been before. 

We are a Norfolk based club that was started by a local family. We are now run by committee and are a member of the ACU.
 We are very lucky to have a dedicated site for training and race meetings. Our track is approx. 340 meters which is about the same as King Lynn Speedway track.
We hold youth meetings only with the added fun of a fathers race most meeting. 
 We can offer training for all abilities, contact us for details. 
In 2014 we held 11 training days and 3 race meeting.

Please contact me to enter our next race or training infomation. We offer a family friendly race meeting to all riders no matter there racing experience.It is a great meeting to see the youth ride, these are the riders of the future.


Race Groups:
Auto Cadet

You can help support the club by sponsoring a race meeting from as little at £30.00. We will post you company on our website, facebook page and print your details in our program. We can advertise you logo at our venue. please contact for more information.

Offering a totally youth meeting with 5 rides and trophies for all riders.

Camping is available at no cost.
Venue: Speedhaven NR12 7NG

We now can offer the opportunity to hire a bike for training days.

Welcome to Norwich New Stars. We are an ACU affiliated club, offering training training and race meetings for all children aged from 6 to 18 years old.
The club is run with the support of club members, volunteers and voluntary contributions.

Please feel free to contact for any information we are happy to help.

Phone:   01263 587626 

Claire Sutton

Norwich New Stars

Church Farm Cottages West

Heydon Road


Norfolk   NR11 6NT