Help Needed for Race Meeting.

Volunteers need for the 18th October

Finishing Marshal:  in charge of all flag marshals and appointing them, will arrange necessary training, will oversee starting gate marshals and during racing second only to the clerk of the course.

Finishing Marshal:  Ady Rea
Race day help: 1  Currently Vacant              5  Currently Vacant
        2  Currently Vacant            6  Currently Vacant
        3  Currently Vacant    7  Currently Vacant 
             4  Currently Vacant         8  Currently Vacant 

Starting gates: 1  Trevor Hewitt
        2  Currently Vacant

Fire Marshal: Matthew Sutton

Pit Marshal : Under Finishing Marshal/Fire Marshal/Health and Safety 

Pit Marshal :             Claire Sutton
Assisted by       1 Matthew Sutton
        2      Robert Fit

Lap Scorer: Will be  a lap scorer on race days, will be in charge of appointing other lap scorers to assist, will oversee counting of points and in charge of submitting results that will be audited prior to release to the public domain; (minimum of three people) 

1 Jonathan Sutton 
2 Tammy Curl
3      Lynn Rea  
4      Currently Vacant  

Bike Scrutineer: ACU trained. Will check all bikes for training and racing, in future may be in charge of club bike maintenance.  
1 Shaun Barrow
2 Richard Mulford
3 Bob Curl
4 Lee Flint

Catering Organizer: Will oversee  the catering, either in house or arranging outside caterers, i.e. ice cream van, burger van, etc; ensuring all rubbish is collected after racing and training, that toilets are adequate cleaned and maintained, and fresh water is available,  Raffle - person to be appointed by catering organiser to oversee all raffle duties.

Catering organiser: Bernie Mackie
Assistants 1   Rebecca 
2   Charlotte Fitt    
Raffle 1       Charlotte Fitt
2       Trisha Flint

Clerk of the Course/Promoter: Will oversee management and smooth running of training and racing. Will be trained as per ACU handbook. 

Darren Mackie
Deputy: Matthew Sutton

Signing in: Secretary Will oversee all paperwork for training and race meetings and issue ACU day racing licenses and collect all money .

Claire Sutton
Assistants: 1        Claire Wright

Child Protection: Two officers to be trained under ACU/Safer Program guidelines. Claire Sutton and Rachel Bowman

Trainers/Appointed First Aid Coaches: Minimum of two required (each trainer can only train 6 children) per training session. Will be trained by ACU, CRB checked and first aid as require. Must be available for each training session.

Darren Mackie
Matthew Sutton
Lee Flint
Michael Holden

Website: To maintain NNS website with the following: race day reports and pictures, upcoming training, maintenance days, cost and race meeting regulations; keep an up-to-date email mailing list for newsletter/announcements; general promotion of the club; could also include race meetings advertisement in newspapers, radio, etc 

Steve Murrell will take care of photography.

Norwich New Stars is run and supported with the kind help of many volunteers.
Below is a list of key people who offer their support to offer training and race meetings.
All offers of help is appreciated and welcome.

Committee Members:

Chairman:                        Matthew Sutton
Vice Chairman:                 Lee Flint
Secretary and Treasure:    Claire Sutton
Technical Adviser:            Trevor Hewitt
Parents Adviser:               Darren Mackie
Committee Members:        Charlotte and Robert Fitt

A big thank you to all who helped last year. We really appreciate all your time and effort you put in to making our first year running the club a success. From the Chairman