Training Dates and Information

All dates are subject to change, due to race meetings or the weather.  Please check Facebook for up to date information. 
We do not require you to book but it would be good practice to inform laura/ facebook that you will be attending to ensure that we have the correct ratio of trainers.

Training number: 07814 515340 Laura - training secretary.

04/08/18   -   Provisional

Training format: This year we will be introducing a new system on training days. It is important to understand that as a club the trainers try to adhere to the timings but delays can happen. Trainees will only attend one session per training day.

There will be 2 sessions each day.

1st session will be for experienced riders with own bikes. This will be a turn up and ride session. Booking in from 9.00am riding from 9.30am to 12.00pm. Once a rider is booked in and ready to ride they line up at the pit exit. The lead trainer then chooses the group to ride from the available riders, training will be given on a more informal basis. You may have as many rides as there is time for in the session. A record will be kept so ensure every rider has a fair share of track time.

Cost £15.00 per session.

2nd Session will be for new riders or children who need to use a club bike. Please book in from 12.00pm and riding by 12.30pm. This will be for children who require one to one training and guidance by a trainer. This will be a book in advance session, please request a place the Wednesday before a training session.  You can either book a place via our facebook page or by phoning Laura on 07814 515340.  Consideration will be given to experience, bikes available and the number of times a child has ridden this season. Names will be posted on facebook on the Wednesday before a training session and it will be announced if the session is full.

Cost £15.00 per session.

We aim to offer at least 3 10 min lessons per pm training session.

Training will only be open to Norwich New Stars Members. You can find how to join on the membership page. Please bring your membership card and holder with you each time you attend.



Trainers children £10.00 all inclusive.

USE OF CLUB BIKE:  Cost have changed please see up to date info on the 
opening page under club rules.

Fuel supplied