Basic Skills

Basic Skills - all students will complete basic skills before being able to ride around the track.

Lesson  1

Bike Controls:
Starting the bike and stopping using cut out
while the bike is stationary.

Lesson  2
Starting the Bike:
Moving forward in 1 metre stages up to 3 metres.
Stopping with control, brakes and feet down. 
Then cut out.

Lesson 3

Moving Forward:
Forward 10 to 20 metres with control and balance.
Stopping with cut out.

Lesson  4
Moving forward 20 metres avoiding an obstacle:
With control and balance around a cone, left and right.
Stopping with control and cut out.

Lesson  5

Moving forward and turning to the left:
Turn at a right angle to the left at a cone.

Lesson  6
Moving forward turning to the left between cones:
Turn at a right angle to the left between two cones and stopping at a cone.
Simulating a starting gate.