Racing Skills

Racing Skills: These lessons are for the more experienced rider and will aid the rider to be a confident racer.

Lesson  10

Simulated Problems When racing: Theory lesson.
Red Flag: Stopping with control and keeping engine running/pulling cut out.
Yellow Flag: 
Black Flag:
False Starts:
My bike has stopped:
What to do if you fall off in a race:
Race Position: Cornering, overtaking  and avoiding accidents.

Lesson  11

Practical of Problems when Racing:
Starting at the starting gates moving off with purpose and completing 4 laps of race track under flags and race rules.
Problems will be simulated as in lesson 10.

Lesson  12

Making a Good Start:
Seating position on bike.
Bike Control.
Starting gates procedures.
Simulating race starts.

Lesson  13

On the inside and outside. Using cones to improve racing line.

Lesson  14

Sliding and Position on Bike:
Racing line, leaning, foot position and power control.