You need to be a Member to Attend Training Sessions.

Training membership is £10.00 per rider and runs from February to February.  As a member of the club you can obtain a unique number to apply for an ACU racing licence if required.

A Supporter's membership is from £5.00 per person and at present these funds are being used to contribute to the upkeep of equipment needed for the new season. We thank those who have kindly donated.

A family membership is £15.00 and is for one rider and all immediate family members.

Both forms are available at the bottom of this page or by emailing Please can you return the completed form with payment.

A paypal option is available by using the address.

Here is a copy of the club rules for 2019.

Norwich New Stars Club Rules 2019

Norwich New Stars is under affliction of the ACU.  No. 0606

Norwich New Stars operates under the rules and guidelines of the ACU. All the supplementary information in the club rules is in addition to these and are applied first.

The club’s aims are to provide a safe and happy environment for all youths, to have the opportunity to enjoy the sport of grasstrack, whether to race or learn to ride a motorcycle. We would like to maintain a quality training school and promote grasstrack race meetings in Norfolk. We hope to promote the sport by supporting other clubs where possible.

Norwich New Stars is a non-profit organisation and is run by volunteers.

The committee members are:

Racing Committee:                 Chairman: Mike Huthwaite              Vice Chairman: Lee Flint.

                                               Secretary: Laura Pomeroy (race enquires 07814 515340)

    Advisors: Trevor Hewitt, Steve Murrell, Darren Mackie.

None committee member Treasurer:

Training Committee:               Chairman: Darren Mackie.  (Lead Trainer)

    Secretary: Laura Pomeroy. (training enquires 07814 515340)

Trainers:                                 Darren Mackie, Lee Flint, Rachael Bowman, Mike Huthwaite, 

                                               Joe Clitheroe, Jim Clarke.

Child Protection Officers:       Laura Pomeroy and Emma Riches

AGM: February each year.

Accounts: Account/Finance information can be viewed on request from the secretary.

Club membership for 2019:

Training membership is £10.00 per year.  Supporter’s membership is suggested at £5.00.  Family membership is an extra £5.00 for the family who do not ride.                        

A racing membership is included in race fees. 

Membership information is confidential and is stored and used as per the ACU guidelines and Data Protection bill.   Photographs and film images can be taken by all present including the public and may be used by the club, as per the agreement signed on the membership forms.

As club members we agree to follow the guideline of the ACU and all supplementary rules for racing and training.   We agree to show good sportsmanship and respect all club members.

A copy of the child protection policy is available to all and is on the club’s website to download.


General Club Guidelines:

Motor sport can be dangerous. Despite the organisers taking all reasonable precautions, unavoidable accidents may happen. In respect of this you are present at your own risk.  All dogs must be kept on leads.

No motorcycles must be started unless authorised by the NNS officials. This includes training, racing and camping. Please keep within the club boundaries. No push cycles in straw pit area when training is in progress or on race meetings                         


All trainers are ACU affiliated. All motorcycles and equipment used are subject to a technical inspection and may be declined.  First aid personal reserve the option to stop a rider from training if deemed physically unfit.  All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to check all equipment hired/borrow or personal is suitable for purpose.

Training Cost:                                                                                                                                          

£15.00 per session excluding motorcycle hire. Trainers children are £10.00 for each training session that they are volunteering as a trainer.  All motorcycle hire is free for the first three sessions then £15.00 for each subsequent session. Safety equipment is always available to borrow.    Motorcycles are only available to hire for training purposes.  Motorcycles may be available on training days if a member has a motorcycle failure.

Training structure: Riders follow a training system and a minimum of 3 lessons are taught per training session. This is subject to the weather and stoppages due to accidents.

In the event of a cancellation once a session is started and less than 2 lessons have been given, a credit of £5.00 will be issued towards the next training session. If a session is delayed due to an accident or weather and this causes you an issue, please talk to the secretary of the day.

We endeavour to start our training session on time, but this is not always possible. If the weather is unsuitable timings may change.  The lead trainer will make the decision on the day – he will keep the club member informed. Check Facebook for up to date information on the day.

Race Meetings:

Please check the race regulations issued for full supplementary information and insurance details for each race. Racing classes are per the ACU handbook for track racing.  Norwich New Stars has a separate pit area, this has restricted access on race meetings and motorcycles are only able to be started in this area and when authorised to do so. This is by request of the land owners.

Starting Tapes: If a child causes a false start he/she will be cautioned and can join the restart. If he/she then causes a false start a second time in the same heat he/she may be penalised for that heat.

Pegs and other racing incidents: At the discretion of the Clerk of the Course an offender’s number will be written on the board in the pit area as a warning. On a second offence the rider may be penalised. It is the rider’s responsibility to check the board and information given.

Please refer to the ACU handbook on appeals including the timing and cost of appeals.  Page 487 10.04 under National Sporting Code 2019.

Please check the race regulations issued for full supplementary information and insurance details for each race.



Image may contain: motorcycle, tree, outdoor and nature   Image may contain: one or more people, tree, motorcycle, sky and outdoor  Image may contain: one or more people, motorcycle and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people, motorcycle, outdoor and nature  Image may contain: one or more people, motorcycle, outdoor and nature 

Norwich New Stars Grasstrack Club

Contact Laura Pomeroy 07814 515340

Training Membership

Cost per rider is £10.00 (Cheques made payable to Norwich New Stars and a paypal option is available)

Training Membership runs from February to February.

Return Address for all forms and paperwork.

Laura Pomeroy
Norwich New Stars
72 Horsbeck Way
Norwich, Norfolk, NR10 3BB.

Supporters Membership

Please can you complete the relevant form and return with payment.

Cost per member is suggested from £5.00 (Cheques made payable to Norwich New Stars and a paypal option is available) Your support is greatly appreciated by all Norwich New Stars riders.

Membership runs from February to February and is per member. 

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