Notes for riders and parents.

Here are a few notes to help you have a successful training session.

Safety of bike:
Please ensure that your bike is fitted with a pull style cut out cord.
An ACU trainer reminded us of a safety issue with small twist and go type bikes. The wheels have an open spoke design which can potentially enable a hand or foot becoming trapped if the rider falls off. This is easily remedied by putting a plastic guard to block the gaps in the wheel.

This is the type of wheel that needs to have a plastic wheel guard fitted for your child's safety.

If you do not have motorcycle clothing, children should wear long sleeved clothing and thick trousers such as jeans. Safety equipment can be borrowed from the club and is included in the training session cost.  All children will be required to wear a neck brace during all training sessions. Please dress according to the weather remembering that the training track is an open field and the weather can change very quickly. 

Food and Drink:
We hope to offer a small selection of hot or cold drinks and snacks to purchase.

Parental Responsibility: 
All youths need to be accompanied at all times by a parent or legal guardian. If a youth would like to attend in the company of another adult that is not a parent or legal guardian even if it is a close relative, then we need to have a written letter stating that the parent or legal guardian gives permission for the child to ride and is in the care of another adult, dated and signed by both parties.
Extra information:
Please let us know if you have any medical information that may be relevant. Photos are permitted by all who attend or watch training.