Committee Meeting Agenda of 26.02.14

Norwich New Stars from 26.02.14 at Anglia Windows Norwich

Ethos and objectives:

To encourage and train grass track riders of the future. We are going to take the foundation that has been laid by Derek and Trevor Hewitt with the support of their families and build a club that will be able to continue to train and inspire young people in to the sport of grass track racing.

We propose to accomplish this by:

By using the ACU as  an organisation that can provide a comprehensive insurance system, technical and organization support.


We will use ACU trained instructors that are suitably first aid trained provided voluntarily from with in the club. Who will instruct and coach potential and existing riders. This instruction will be take place at Speed Haven Frettenham in small groups as only 6 riders can be trained per instructor. 
We aim to provide 6 training sessions this year.  Training will be arranged on a application and waiting list basis.  Focus first will be given to those youths who have their own bikes. We hope to offer limited bikes later in the year to those who would like to train to be grass track riders but do not as yet own a suitable bike.
We propose to continue to provide a limited range of safety related equipment that will have to be rigorously and regularly checked for its condition.

The proposed cost to each rider will have to cover, £10.00 for a day training permit for the club from the ACU plus £3.00 per rider to the ACU for insurance, plus the hire costs of venue (to be confirmed), fuel, maintenance and a contribution to the running costs of the club. Suggested starting fee of £10.00. 

Cost per rider as follow: Permit          1.00
Insurance              3.00
Land maintenance 2.00
Land Hire          2.00
Club costs          2.00

This is for a rider with their own bike.
For riders who require the hire of a bike the cost would increase by £2.00. It is proposed to limit the times a bike can be hired to allow newer riders the same opportunity.

We will be guided by the HSE documents provided by the ACU,  for training and the setting out of the track, most of which has been ably adhered to by Trevor up until now. These documents can be made available to all who need them.

Race Days:
We propose to provide up to two race days this year towards the end of the season. For Norwich New Star members and open to all ACU affiliated clubs. The aim of which is to encourage those trainees who are ready and willing, to race at Speed Haven in a full ACU Meeting.

In the mean time it will be encouraged that all club members that race at other venues do so with the support of Norwich New Stars to promote the club to other riders that may wish to race at our venue. This will provide the opportunity for those new to riding away to do so with the support and guidance of more experienced riders within the club
As race days require many hours of preparation and support by volunteers on the day we will only be able to do this with the support of club members and their families, who will be consulted between now and the proposed dates. Which have yet to be discussed.

We will need to have outside training for at least one Clark of the Course, two bike inspectors and two child protection officers. Training for flag marshals, lap scorers and pit marshals can be handled within the club. 
As the race days will be organized with the ACU all the rules and guidelines for competitors and officials will be adhered to at all times. The exact details of which can be examined in the ACU hand book which will be available to all. All competitors will have to have an ACU licence either yearly or on the day.

It would seem unlikely that we will be able to provide bikes for hire on race days, at least for this season. Safety equipment will be available.

We will be hiring the venue and equipment associated with it with the kind permission of Trevor and his family. Adapting where necessary to meet the current rules and guidelines of the ACU as to race meetings. Much of which have been followed up until now.

Depending on volunteers and the time needed, catering may be provided either in house or from outside caterers. With a view to this offsetting some of the costs of the race meeting.

At present it would seem that the cost of running a meeting will consist of:
ACU insurance         £500.00
Paramedics TBC.
Maintenance cost TBC.
Venue Hire TBC.
Trophies         £250.00 
Secretarial costs £50.00

The organization of the club:

This will be accomplished by the instigation of a committee.

Provisionally the members of which will consist of:

Secretary/Treasurer          Claire Sutton
Chairman          Matthew Sutton
Vice Chairman          Lee Flint
Technical advisor          Trevor Hewitt
Parents Representative Daren Mackie

The rules and guidelines associated with the administration of the club will be taken from the ACU club guidelines.

When the committee meets a discussion of coming events and the delegation of key responsibilities such as track maintenance, website management, sponsorship and advertising will take place. The major decisions will need the full agreement of all committee members for example the appointment of a committee member or spending a substantial amount of the clubs funds.

The objective at all times will be to put the welfare of the children in the club first.

Norwich New Stars will be a non profit organization all funds will be used for the benefit of its members.  No member of the committee will benefit finically from club funds.

A yearly membership will be required, as training and racing can only be accomplished if the children belong to a ACU Club. 
A fee of £10 is recommended. This will help cover the start up cost of training. This could also be used for the funding of a end of season presentation evening. A supporters member is also available.